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                            My Original Hot Hits Surveys. Scanned in and Online.                                                       
                            The Hot Hits Story                                                                                                                                      
                            TM's HOT HITS JINGLE PACKAGE                                                                             
                                      The original Hot Hits Concept jingles called "Fusion"                                                                           
                            WCAU FM July 1984(13 min Real Player Clip2 meg file)                                                         
                                      Hot Hits Reunion Poster  WCAU/WIOQ 1998                                                                                         
                                     Classic Terry Young Sign Off Sept 1982                                                                           

                                     Hot Hits Music with Jingle  (Sweeper with Jingle)                                                                                   

                                     Opening to "We Built This City" WCAU Version                                                                                   

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Steve is a "Hot Hits" collector with one hell of a site!!!


The Flashback Channel WFBL

 100'S of hrs of music from 1975 thru the 1980's

Steve McVie's original "Flashback Format" in RealAudio


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