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                      All sounds in Real Player G2                       

 ** Right click and download to listen **


Cut                                                                        Lyrics Section           

1.                                                  (Instrumental pad)       Hot Hits - WCAU FM                               cut1.ram  

1a.                                                      (no intro)               Hot Hits - WCAU FM                               cut1a.rm 

1b.                                                     (Logo only)                          - WCAU FM                               cut1b.rm

2.                                                  (Instrumental pad)                      - WCAU FM                              cut2.rm

3.                                                  (Instrumental pad)                      - WCAU FM                              cut3.rm

4.                                                         (no intro)                            - WCAU FM                               cut4.rm

5.                                                  (Instrumental pad)      Hot Hits  - WCAU FM                                cut5.rm

5a.                                                       (no intro)             Hot Hits  - WCAU FM                               cut5a.rm

5b.                                                (Instrumental pad)              FM - WCAU FM                               cut5b.rm

6.                                                        (no intro)                            - WCAU FM                               cut6.rm

6a.                                                (Instrumental pad)                     - WCAU FM                               cut6a.rm

7.                                                  (Instrumental pad)                     - WCAU FM                               cut7.rm

8.                                                  (Instrumental pad)                     - WCAU FM                               cut8.rm 

9.                                                  (Instrumental pad)                     - WCAU FM                               cut9.rm

9a.                                                       (no intro)                            - WCAU FM                               cut9a.rm

10.                                                       (no intro)                     FM - WCAU FM                               cut10.rm

10a.                                              (Instrumental pad)                      - WCAU FM                              cut10a.rm

11.                                                (Instrumental pad)                      - WCAU FM                              cut11.rm 

12.                                               Hot Hits - (:57 sec. donut)          - WCAU FM                              cut12.rm

12a.                                             Hot Hits - (:28 sec. donut)          - WCAU FM                              cut12a.rm

12b.                                             Hot Hits - (:12 sec. donut)          - WCAU FM                              cut12b.rm

13.                                       Philly forecast-  (:28 sec. donut)          - WCAU FM                              cut13.rm

13a.                                     Philly forecast-  (:12 sec. donut)           - WCAU FM                             cut13a.rm



TM Productions, Inc

Regal Row, Dallas Texas

Thanks to

 Tom Mcnally for the original sheet and jingles in MP3 format